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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: The Great Confusion

  2011, the year of PrEP. In less than 18 months 6 clinical trials investigating the potential use of HIV antiretrovirals (ARV) for the prevention of HIV acquisition have rocked the HIV prevention world. First it was the South African CAPRISA announcing in July 2010

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PrEP and MSM: Ready for each other?

A survey conducted by SIGMA Research is the first to provide some insights into the prospective attitude of gay and bisexual men towards PrEP in England following the release of the iPrEX study in 2010. Knowledge of PrEP, its acceptability, dosage preference and potential effects

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HPTN 052: One step closer to Universal Test and Treat

Roger J. Tatoud (Updated 18 May 2011) – Another month and another HIV prevention trial ending prematurely; but this time it is because the study was showing very encouraging outcomes. The trial named HPTN052 and conducted by the HIV Prevention Trial Network was designed to

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