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The PARTNER study, a licence to bareback?

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Does the PARTNER study signal the death of condoms or should we curb our enthusiasm, and carry on pretending we use them? The preliminary results of the PARTNER study were one of the most talked about data

HIV Home Testing: Opening Pandora’s Box?

HIV home testing may appeal to some people unaware of their HIV status and not prepared to visit a GUM clinic. However, home testing could lead to an increased attrition in the HIV cascade of care and treatment, as well as threaten sexual health and

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Why PrEP isn’t just a “Biomedical” intervention

Don’t we all know that popping pills is not the solution to all our problems? The writer reflects on his and other’s assumptions about the role of biomedical interventions in the control of the HIV epidemic. This blog’s title mirrors that of Jake Sobo’s “Why

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Social Media for HIV prevention: More research needed

The potential for Social Media (#SoMe) to contribute to HIV prevention is worth exploring and researching but studies need to be conducted with strict criteria to discern the evidence from the hype in such a fuzzy area. A study published in the Annals of Internal

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