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Can crowd sourcing solve the challenges posed by the HIV epidemic?

“Put simply. Young people can solve today’s challenges in the AIDS response.” This is with this bold and affirmative statement that UNAIDS started a new collaborative project to develop a global strategy to address the HIV epidemic amongst young people. The project is worthy of

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Starting an HIV Prevention Revolution with Test and Treat

  Foreword: Lancet Chief Editor Richard Horton recently twitted (16 April 2011) that in the 19th century “the pamphlet was a means to ignite new thinking” adding, “Is there a place for the pamphlet today? Even in medicine and public health?” This is a question

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HIV: Geography of an Epidemic

  French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is credited for saying that “A good sketch is better than a long speech”. Nowadays, the representation below of the HIV epidemic taken from the 2010 UNAIDS HIV epidemic update is a classic and illustrates both the extent of the

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