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On the fence: HIV home testing

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry is expected to announce that home testing for HIV will no longer be illegal. This decision signals the end of a ban on the sale of HIV testing kits put in place in 1992. It is hoped that making the

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Five strategic orientations towards the end of HIV

  Year 31 of the HIV epidemic. World AIDS day. The time of the year to publish reports and plans with a new impetus to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This year the theme is “Ending AIDS”. The field has never been shy of trigger words

#HIVBigIdea to end #AIDS

The day after the day HIV/AIDS is in the news. A collection of short messages sent as part of a big Tweetup to find a “Big Idea to end AIDS”.  The following messages have been organised in broad categories that often overlap. About the “Big

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