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PrEP in England: Terms and Conditions will apply

Six years after the publication of the iPrEX study, four years after its approval by the US FDA, two years after the PROUD and Ipergay studies, and after a year of legal battle, PrEP may finally be available in the UK through a large clinical

Unprepared, unwilling and unethical

How a lack of leadership in HIV prevention is failing those at risk of infection in the UK (and beyond) In July 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration took a landmark decision when it approved the use of the antiviral Truvada for the prevention

MSMGF: Good Gays get a Blue Ribbon, Bad Gays Bear their Cross

There are posts more difficult than other to write, not so much because of their subject, but because they are critical of HIV prevention interventions devised by fellow prevention activists. This will be another one of those difficult posts. However, on World AIDS Day, as

HIV: Testing ourselves out of the epidemic?

Following the legalisation of HIV home testing in the UK, it will have taken just over a year for the first HIV self-testing kit to become available. The announcement came with the usual hopeful optimism and belief that self testing will make a key contribution

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