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World AIDS day at 25

After 25 World AIDS Day days, how are we doing? And do we still need a WAD? It is the time of the year when activists and NGOs are going through the final preparation for the 1st of December, World AIDS Day  (though many will

AIDS vaccine conference 2013, time to move on

This year AIDS vaccine conference held in Barcelona highlighted some new and interesting developments but also showed that as an event it was starting to run on empty. A tale of two trials (one in Monkeys, one in Humans) The tag line “Progress, Partnership and

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What’s next for PrEP in the UK?

A reflexion on a piece written for and published by OpenDemocracy in November 2010, shortly after the public release of the iPrEX trial. Three years later many of the questions raised then are still very much relevant. Of course we now know much more about

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