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Starting an HIV Prevention Revolution with Test and Treat

  Foreword: Lancet Chief Editor Richard Horton recently twitted (16 April 2011) that in the 19th century “the pamphlet was a means to ignite new thinking” adding, “Is there a place for the pamphlet today? Even in medicine and public health?” This is a question

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FEM-PrEP Closure: Is PrEP ready for the world?

  (Updated April 19, 18:00) In July 2010 the world of HIV prevention felt the first tremor of hope that the fight against the virus that causes AIDS was at a turning point in its history after the pivotal CAPRISA trial (a “game changer”) showed

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Of course Africa is ready for PrEP!

Stella Nyanzi Whether or not Africa is ready for PrEP interests me because of several underlying assumptions in some of the answers about how we define Africa. Africa’s MSM, Africa’s people who engage in anal sex and Africa’s public health prevention campaigns have been desperately in need of new

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Is Africa Ready for PrEP?

Adebisi Ademola Alimi (Updated 08APR11) – One of the biggest breakthrough in HIV clinical research, since the outbreak of the epidemic 30 years ago, is the recent success in a clinical trial of a new HIV prevention approach based on the daily use of the

PrEP: for whom are these pills?

The results of the iPrEX study announced in November 2010 have brought some hope back into the field of HIV prevention. The clinical trial,which investigated the effectiveness of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis mostly amongst men who have sex with men (MSM), showed that daily dosing of the

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