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Why PrEP isn’t just a “Biomedical” intervention

Don’t we all know that popping pills is not the solution to all our problems? The writer reflects on his and other’s assumptions about the role of biomedical interventions in the control of the HIV epidemic. This blog’s title mirrors that of Jake Sobo’s “Why

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Social Media for HIV prevention: More research needed

The potential for Social Media (#SoMe) to contribute to HIV prevention is worth exploring and researching but studies need to be conducted with strict criteria to discern the evidence from the hype in such a fuzzy area. A study published in the Annals of Internal

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HIV Home Testing: A cautious welcome

The much awaited Department of Health announcement of the “Modernisation of HIV rules to better protect public” is finally available online. In this statement Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies announced that “outdated rules designed to combat the threat of AIDS in the 1980s

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HIV/AIDS and the Industry of Stigma

As a volunteer for a charity that support people living with HIV, I have the opportunity to contribute to the induction of new recruits to whom I deliver an oversimplified HIV 101 Class emphasising why HIV still matters in 2013 England. I usually start my

HIV Home Testing: Not a free cuddly toy

As a follow up on yesterday’s posting about the forthcoming legalisation of HIV home testing, I’d like to look into a French study investigating access to and use of unauthorised online HIV self-test by Internet-using French-speaking MSM. The study was conducted in 2009 and the

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